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For Eleuterio Manankil, a vegetable dealer, the month of March signals the start of the toughest months for his business – that is beating the heat of the summer sun from drying up his vegetables. That was his situation before, until he found the solution to this problem – the Evercool line of automotive and industrial radiators.


“My first years in the business have been very challenging during summer. The vegetables I get from different parts of Luzon dry up during the long and sweltering journey to the markets,” Manankil said, a native from Laguna, whose business reaches as far north as Vigan and Baguio and as far south as Legaspi, Albay, just to get different varieties of vegetables.


“Some of my vegetables don’t make it to Manila. Out of the 100% that I bought, only 60% would be good for the market,” Manankil adds, “it’s really a big disappointment and I’ve thought of giving up on the business. But all of it are in the past now. I can breathe freely now that my business runs smoothly than ever before.”

And that is because of his trucks – tough ten-wheeler trucks – that run smoothly on the road coming from far-flung provinces to Balintawak, Quezon City, where he drops off his loads of vegetables. The trucks run smoothly with its Evercool radiators –a discovery that he got from one of his business partner in Lucena, Quezon.


“Since my partner told me to use Evercool, our rides have never been as smooth and worry-free. No matter how hot the weather is, I’m sure, that my truck would arrive on time and my vegetables are still crisp and fresh,” Manankil explains.


“Evercool’s performance gives me more than its 100% and that what makes it reliable,” Mike Gonzalez said. He is the General Manager for Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC). Based in Cabuyao, Laguna, Roberts AIPMC is the company that manufactures Evercool Radiators.


“Mr. Manankil can forget about getting stalled along the road because of overheating, because Evercool would let him down. His truckloads of vegetables would run smoothly and would always be on time.”


Being a tropical country, it has always been hot here in the Philippines during summer, a reason why some vehicles sustain some damage to its parts. Heavy loads, traffic jams in Manila and poor road conditions also contribute to the strain a vehicle endures. Much like the human body, automobiles can suffer damage if it is not taken cared off.


Gonzalez advices to make sure that the radiator you are using is Evercool Radiators by Roberts AIPMC, a company that continues to produce high quality products that are tough enough for any road and weather. Evercool is a brand trusted by some of the big names in the automotive industry like, Mitsubishi Motors, Isuzu, Columbian Motors, Pilipinas Hino and Suzuki.


Manankil’s experience with Evercool is a guarantee that supports Gonzalez’s promises with their products. For Manankil, fresh and crisp vegetables will always be on time for the market with Evercool’s tough and reliable performance on the road.


For more information about Evercool Radiators by Roberts AIPMC, just ask your favorite mechanic or visit their website, www.roberts.com.ph.

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Berjaya Auto Philippines Inc. officially opens for business as new Mazda distributor in the Philippines–Berjaya Auto Philippines Inc. officially begins this month its business operation as the new distributor of Mazda vehicles, parts and accessories in the country. Company executives bared that the first order of business for the company regarding Mazda is to extend access of Mazda vehicle sales and after-sales service to more areas across the country and establish a stronger presence to delight its customers through more dealerships. Filipino car enthusiasts will also see more improvements in products and service offerings that will further highlight Mazda’s unique product and quality craftsmanship, plus more of its “KODO—Soul of Motion” design theme and its multi-awarded SKYACTIV Technology, a technology that delivers more fuel efficiency and improved overall vehicle performance. Shown in photo during the press conference that announced the start of Berjaya’s operations are From left) JAPHETH CASTILLO, Sales & Marketing Director, Berjaya Auto Philippines; DAVID MACASADIA, Director, Customer Service, After Sales and General Counsel, Berjaya Auto Philippines; STEVEN TAN, Chief Executive Officer, Berjaya Auto Philippines; DATO’ BEN YEOH, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bermaz Motor; DATO’ FRANCIS LEE, Executive Director, Berjaya Group; DATO’ AMER HAMZAH, Executive Director, Bermaz Motor.

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Praga R1

Here’s the latest beastly race car from Praga, the Praga R1. It is a two-seater race car that has been designed for both race track and normal road purposes. This new car sports a carbon monocoque on the outside, and comes with six-speed sequential gearbox Hewland JFR, and six-point belts. It is powered by a Renault Sport Technologies-developed 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, making it an ideal car if you want to something sporty and race-ready on the streets.

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Cadillac ATS

For $30k+, you can have yourself a Cadillac ATS this Christmas. It is a luxury car that’s made to give you power and relaxation. It features beastly driving dynamics, state of the art technologies, Adaptive Forward Lighting system, and other features that aim to provide you with easier handling and exemplary acceleration. What’s not to love? It is available in three types of engine: a 2.5L engine, a 3.6L V6 engine, and a 2.0L turbo engine.

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BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept

Now is probably the right time to say goodbye to the BMW Series 3, as it will be replaced with a new model, the BMW 4 Series Coupe Concept. Yup, BMW has pulled the wraps off its 4th generation sporty mid-range coupe, which is scheduled to officially debut at Detroit Auto Show, next year. The new 4 Series is 2 inch longer, and 1.7 inches wider. It also comes with luxury features including premium leather interiors, and state of the art technologies. Look out for more details after Detroit Auto Show.

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October 24: BlackBerry Armstrong
October 29: Samsung Galaxy S II Color Refresh
October 31: Huawei Summit
October 31: LG Optimus L9
November 2: MBB ZTE-MF61
November 7: Samsung Toba
November 14: Dell BMW
November 14: HTC Windows Phone 8X

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How To Protect Your iPhone 5

Within the last 24 hours the iPhone 5 has launched. While thousands of eager fans awaited to get their hands on the new device, many are now seeking out protection. Many do not even want to pull out their phone in fear of an accidental drop. With the increase in screen size comes an increase in vulnerability. Fortunately we’ve spent a good amount of time searching for somewhere to get iPhone 5 covers. If you’re interested make sure to head on over to St. Charles Store. With all of the different possible options there are to choose from that you will be able to easily find a cover that works for you.

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Boosted Board: Fast and Simple

I do not know how about you but I already want one. Boosted Board is a perfect solution for people that need to cover short distances but happen to be tired of walking. Well, basically, Boosted Board is a skateboard with a battery and motor that moves it forward. But things are not as simple as they seem to be. Boosted Board is complicated mechanism with useful features that should keep you safe. First of all, it can power up to 20mph which is 4 times faster than an average walk speed. Well, technically it can go faster but its creators were forced to use speed limits for safety reasons. The board itself will weight12 poundsonly and will be equipped with a 2,000W brushless electric motor, 100W/h Lithium polymer battery pack and regenerative braking and drivetrain bits. If you think that this is what you need, do not forget to check out the Kickstarter for more information about this board.

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BMW Releases a… Mouse!

If you are a big BMW fan, you would probably like to have something like this at home. BMW DesignworksUSA’s Level 10 M has finally made its way from being a concept to getting real. We haven’t seen one in use yet but I have to say it looks gorgeous and very futuristic. According to a short description wondering the web, this mouse was confirmed to come with 5,000 DPI by default but you can tweak it up to 8,200 if you want. The unit has some real-world specifications, including five programmable keys and a Z-key that’ll change your gaming profile on the fly. Also, sweaty-palmed gamers will appreciate the holes drilled in the handset that will allow their hands to “breath” even in the toughest moments. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that this beauty will cost you $100. Well, it is a lot but at the same time – it is totally worth it.

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It is pretty hard to find a person that won’t be in love with Star Wars. This saga requires no introduction as far as it is well known even by little kids that are only about to go to school. But today we are not going to talk about kids and their passion for sci-fi, we are going to show you that things that seemed to be crazy years ago today are more than real. Do you recall that speeder in one of Star Wars films that was driven in the woods? Well, here it comes, in a bit different but still – very functional reincarnation. First of all – this is a prototype only that can reach speeds of30 mph. This is not much but this is what you should expect from the first hover bike in the world. I do believe that in a couple of years we are going to see those flying all over the world but right now it is a dream that only makes its first steps.

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